Strategy 2018

Shaping a National Strategy for 2018

The National Strategy is a framework to guide policies, programs and activities that aim to strengthen Australians' financial literacy and capability. The National Financial Literacy Strategy 2014-17, led by ASIC, was released in 2014.

In 2016-17 ASIC led a consultation process to refine and update the National Strategy for 2018. This is an opportunity to further strengthen partnerships and collaborative efforts, and broaden stakeholder reach and engagement with the National Strategy.

This consultation sought views from all interested stakeholders to inform the 2018 National Strategy, so that it can effectively support and promote relevant policy and program initiatives.

The consultation process

ASIC kicked off the consultation process by hosting a series of roundtable discussions in December 2016, with key stakeholders from the government, business, community and education sectors.

These discussions included a review of progress made by stakeholders undertaking initiatives aligned with the National Strategy, feedback on the effectiveness of the National Strategy's strategic framework, and exploration of key issues for discussion during the consultation.

A consultation paper was then circulated for public comment from 15 October to 1 December 2017.

National Financial Literacy Strategy Consultation 2017

Feedback from the consultation

A total of 145 organisations and individuals provided input to the public consultation. All sectors were well represented, including business and finance, community and consumer, education and research, and government.

Public responses have been published on ASIC's consultation hub.

Your input is helping us to shape a National Strategy that is relevant, forward-looking and responsive to environmental opportunities and challenges.

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Last updated: 12 Mar 2018