News articles from 2014

Here are news articles from 2014 including the launch of the updated National Financial Literacy Strategy, the release of ASIC's first Australian Financial Attitudes and Behaviour Tracker and results of the PISA financial literacy test.

19 December 2014
On 19 December 2014 ASIC released its annual financial literacy program report, covering key results and activities undertaken during 2013-14.

ASIC's financial literacy program report 2013-14

17 December 2014
On 17 December 2014 ASIC released the first Australian Financial Attitudes and Behaviour Tracker. This new research was conducted by Sweeney Research on behalf of ASIC. It explores some key financial attitudes and behaviours of Australian consumers and investors over a six month period.

Read ASIC's media release about the Tracker.

Australian Financial Attitudes and Behaviour Tracker: Wave 1, Key Findings

28 November 2014
On 28 November 2014 Financial Literacy Australia (FLA) announced the first round of financial literacy projects funded under its grants program.

Read FLA's media release about the funded projects.

3 September 2014
On 3 September 2014 the Australian Bankers Association's Broadening Financial Understanding Conference was held, which included discussions about the 2014 Strategy and the importance of financial literacy.

Read the speech by The Hon Steven Ciobo MP, Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer.

Read the speech by Mr Greg Medcraft, ASIC Chairman.

1 August 2014
On 1 August 2014 ASIC launched the National Financial Literacy Strategy 2014-17. The Strategy sets out a national direction for financial literacy and provides a practical framework for action across the government, business, community and education sectors.

Read ASIC's media release about the Strategy.

National Financial Literacy Strategy 2014-17

National Financial Literacy Strategy 2014-17: Action plan

10 July 2014
On 10 July 2014 the independent evaluation by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) of ASIC's implementation of the Helping Our Kids Understand Finances initiative (now known as MoneySmart Teaching) was released.

Independent evaluation of ASIC's implementation of the Helping Our Kids Understand Finances initiative

10 July 2014
An international study of 29,000 students from 18 countries found that Australian students scored significantly higher than the OECD average in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) financial literacy test, but there is still work to be done.

Read ASIC's media release about the PISA test results.

A report by The Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) presents the results on Australian students' performance in the PISA financial literacy test, and explores the relationship between these results and the students' attitudes and experiences.

Financing the future: Australian students' results in the PISA 2012 Financial Literacy assessment

27 May 2014
Financial Literacy Australia, a non-profit, non-government organisation, launched a new grants program to advance financial literacy for all Australians.

Applications were invited from non-profit organisations including:

  • community, consumer or investor organisations
  • education entities (eg schools, teacher associations)
  • tertiary education and research institutions

Grants of $10,000 to $500,000 were made available. Applications for concept proposals in the 2014 grants round closed on 11 July 2014.

For more information, see www.FinLit.org.au/grants.

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