Professor Roslyn Russell

RMIT University

Roslyn RussellRoslyn Russell is a Professor and Principal Research Fellow in the School of Economics, Finance and Marketing at RMIT University. Roslyn has been researching financial literacy in Australia for over a decade and has contributed to the growing body of evidence of the importance of financial education in Australia. Much of her research has been commissioned by the financial, government and community sectors.

The foundation for Roslyn's research over the last 10 years was formed by her work in evaluating Australia's longest running financial literacy and matched savings program, Saver Plus and the widely used financial education training program, MoneyMinded. The success of these programs demonstrated to her the power of partnerships, the value of investment into financial education and the importance of women in bringing about change within the household and in the community.

More recently, Roslyn has focused her research on women and money by exploring the factors influencing their financial decision-making. Promoting women's financial security and wellbeing is a major priority in her research efforts. Roslyn's research into women and money has prompted her to extend this work to explore the financial impacts of family violence and economic abuse.

Her other research projects have included payday lending; insurance needs of low-income consumers; financial wellbeing of young people; and access to financial guidance for average consumers.

In her role at RMIT University, Roslyn supervises a range of PhD projects including: economic abuse in young couples; use of alternative financial services among women micro-entrepreneurs; financial literacy in pre-service teachers; social and financial impacts of mobile phone banking; financial capabilities in Indigenous communities; and social impacts of microfinance in Australia.

She provides expertise to a number of local and national advisory panels and is a keynote speaker at many conferences and forums.

Roslyn holds an Honours degree and PhD in Business from Griffith University and a Master of Public Policy from University of Melbourne.

Last updated: 22 Jun 2016