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Pathways to Resilience - The impact of financial conversations on the financial capability of NILS applicants

30 June 2017

Dr Vinita Godinho, Good Shepherd Microfinance

(Presenting with Lauren Thomas, Kate Eccles & Rachel Davis, Good Shepherd Microfinance)Vinita_Godinho

The 'Pathways to Resilience' research investigated the impact of financial conversations that microfinance workers have with every applicant for a No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS) loan. The study found that the applicants' financial capability peaks at the point of these conversations and found that the impact of the conversation varies, depending on the applicants' existing financial capability, needs and circumstances. It also revealed that the immediate impact of the conversation normalises over time, suggesting microfinance workers need new strategies to sustain improved capability over the longer-term.

Since publication, these insights have informed the development of a new training module available to all microfinance workers across Australia through the Good Learning online portal, enabling them to tailor their support to applicants' individual needs. Read the GSM Research Report.

Dr. Vinita Godinho (General Manager Advisory) is responsible for establishing evidence-based policy positioning and intellectual leadership in the area of inclusive finance, as well as a fully sustainable advisory function. Vinita worked with Lauren Thomas (Manager Program Design and Advocacy), Kate Eccles (Program Design and Policy Analyst), and Rachel Davis (Learning Design and Delivery Consultant) to conduct and deliver the research project. 


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