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Here is the upcoming presentation for ASIC's Financial Literacy Community of Practice. The event will be held via video conference in ASIC offices in state and territory capital cities.

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Findings from the ANZ Financial Wellbeing Survey

Friday, 20 April 2018, 12.30pm to 2.00pm

Michelle Commandeur and Myra Foley will provide an outline of the key findings of the latest ANZ Financial Wellbeing Survey, conducted in late 2017, which will be followed by an update from Professor Elaine Kempson outlining her work in the international context.

In Australia, the ANZ survey is the sixth in a series which has explored financial literacy, attitudes and behaviours since 2002. For the first time, the survey has also been extended to New Zealand, building on a significant body of research led by the Commission for Financial Capability since 2006.

The survey has evolved to encompass a broader view of financial wellbeing, largely based on important developments by Professor Kempson and other international and domestic thought leaders. It supports the generation of global insights that can be of value in comparing and contrasting the financial wellbeing of Australians and New Zealanders with those of other countries across Scandinavia, the UK, Europe and North America.

The insights from ANZ and Professor Kempson will assist many stakeholders, including those from industry, government and the community sector, who are striving to understand the challenges and develop effective ways to build financial wellbeing for all.


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Michelle Commandeur, ANZ

Michelle Commandeur Michelle Commandeur is head of financial inclusion at ANZ. Since 2005, Michelle has played a senior role in the bank's corporate sustainability, financial inclusion and community relations functions. In this time, ANZ's financial inclusion programs have reached over 500,000 people in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific.

Michelle has been primarily responsible for oversight of the well-known programs Saver Plus, MoneyMinded, and MoneyBusiness, which are delivered in partnership with a range of community organisations and government. Michelle is also a key member of the ANZ team overseeing a range of financial wellbeing initiatives for customers, employees and the community.


Myra Foley, ANZ

Myra Foley

Since 2011, Myra Foley has played a senior role in the series of surveys ANZ  has conducted in Australia since 2003 that explores financial knowledge, attitudes and behaviours. Myra has also led numerous research programs on behalf of ANZ including an exploration of savings and spending behaviour and habit formation, understanding the pain points in home buying from a consumer perspective, and the most important factors when it comes to everyday banking.

Myra also plays a key role in managing Your Say, ANZ's online customer research community of 25,000 customers who have agreed to participate in market research activities and a key tool used at ANZ to run a number of activities to obtain feedback from customers on new or existing products and services to help ANZ improve their offering.


Professor Elaine Kempson, University of Bristol

Elaine KempsonElaine Kempson is Professor Emeritus of Personal Finance and Social Policy Research at the University of Bristol and an internationally-acknowledged expert on personal financial services policy and research, particularly in the areas of financial capability, financial inclusion, over-indebtedness and consumer protection.

Elaine has contributed guidance and advice over many years to stakeholders around the world who are interested in the issues of financial literacy, capability and wellbeing. She has visited Australia and New Zealand many times and is highly regarded as the world's leading expert in the field.


Last updated: 21 Mar 2018