Presentations from ASIC's Financial Literacy Community of Practice delivered in 2018.

 Findings from the ANZ Financial Wellbeing Survey

20 April 2018

Michelle Commandeur and Myra Foley, ANZ

Professor Elaine Kempson, University of Bristol

Michelle Commandeur

In Australia, the ANZ survey is the sixth in a series which has explored financial literacy, attitudes and behaviours since 2002. For the first time, the survey has also been extended to New Zealand, building on a significant body of research led by the Commission for Financial Capability since 2006.

The survey has evolved to encompass a broader view of financial wellbeing, largely based on important developments by Professor Kempson and other international and domestic thought leaders.Myra Foley

It supports the generation of global insights that can be of value in comparing and contrasting the financial wellbeing of Australians and New Zealanders with those of other countries across Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, Europe and North America.

Elaine KempsonThe insights from ANZ and Professor Kempson will assist many stakeholders, including those from industry, government and the community sector, who are striving to develop effective ways to build financial wellbeing for all.

Find the UK research mentioned in Elaine's presentation here: Evidence Hub and What Works.

ANZ Financial Wellbeing Survey Key Findings - Presentation

Elaine Kempson - Financial Capability and Wellbeing: The International Context - Presentation

MIchelle Commandeur and Elaine Kempson on the ANZ Financial Wellbeing Survey

latest ANZ financial wellbeing survey results

Michelle and Elaine discuss the latest ANZ Financial Wellbeing Survey results. 

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