Presentations from ASIC's Financial Literacy Community of Practice delivered in 2017

Financial literacy for vulnerable populations: Evaluating a tailor-built program and effectiveness of a text message nudge

24 February 2017

Professor Roslyn Russell, RMIT University Roslyn Russell Wayne Warburton

Dr. Wayne Warburton, Macquarie University

The Wesley Mission 'In Charge of My Money' Financial Literacy program aims to help vulnerable people build financial capabilities to manage their money and avoid getting into debt.

In this presentation, Professor Roslyn Russell and Dr Wayne Warburton presented details of the first evaluation of Wesley Mission's Financial Literacy program and the effectiveness of follow-up reminders to increase the chance of sustained change.

Evaluating the Wesley Mission Financial Literacy Program presentation


Dr Wayne Warburton on text message nudges

Dr Wayne Warburton and Wesley Mission's Financial Literacy Education Program

Here is an interview with Dr Wayne Warburton at the Community of Practice event where he outlines the highlights of the research findings.


Last updated: 24 Feb 2017