Presentations from ASIC's Financial Literacy Community of Practice delivered in 2014.

Financial Literacy Australia Grants program awards (28 Nov 2014)

Paul Clitheroe, Rebecca Glenn & Robert Drake, Financial Literacy Australia

Our speakers provided an overview of the FLA Grants program and the first round of successful applicants.  As well, they outlined the upcoming application process and the kind of projects FLA will be looking for next year, and spoke about the year ahead for Financial Literacy Australia.

  Financial Literacy Australia grants program

Enhancing the financial capability of disadvantaged Australians (29 Oct 2014)

Anne Hampshire, The Smith Family

Anne focuses on two innovative approaches to enhancing the financial capabilities of disadvantaged Australians: the "Money for Wellbeing" program and the "Money Minded Mentoring Program". The presentation explores the core components of the programs, including the innovations which were key to their implementation, the findings from the evaluations and the important partnerships which were critical to the programs' success. The evaluation reports for both programs are available on The Smith Family's website.

Enhancing the financial capability of disadvantaged Australians

The Impact of Microfinance in Australia (26 Sep 2014)

Peter McNamara, Good Shepherd Microfinance

Peter provides an overview of the origins and development of Microfinance within Australia, with particular focus on Good Shepherd Microfinance's programs (NILS, StepUP, AddsUP), and discusses the impact (both social and economic) this is having on thousands of Australians.

Impact of Microfinance in Australia

Flood Insurance Seminar Pilot (26 Sep 2014)

Gulshan Singh, Insurance Australia Group

Gulshan discusses the flood awareness seminar program piloted by NRMA Insurance in high flood risk areas of New South Wales. These sessions sought to provide consumer clarity around insurance options and how premiums are priced, and leveraged the shared responsibility of insurance companies, councils and the community in relation to flood risk.

Flood Insurance Seminar Pilot

Evaluating financial literacy projects (5 Sep 2014)

Elaine Kempson, University of Bristol

Elaine discusses monitoring and evaluation of financial literacy projects, and examines the techniques involved with effective monitoring, process evaluation, and measurement of impact.

Monitoring and evaluating financial literacy programs

National Financial Literacy Strategy 2014-17 (29 Aug 2014)

Miles Larbey, ASIC

Miles provides an overview of the National Financial Literacy Strategy 2014-17, including the core principles underpinning it, and the five key strategic priorities.

National Financial Literacy Strategy

Being MoneyMinded (29 Aug 2014)

Tobias Warren and Siobhan Toohey, ANZ Bank

Tobias and Siobhan give an overview of the MoneyMinded, Saver Plus and MoneyBusiness programs and share how the ANZ developed the new MoneyMinded website.

Being MoneyMinded

Financing the future (31 July 2014)

Australian students' results in PISA 2012: Dr Sue Thomson, ACER

Sue discusses the findings from the first national financial literacy assessment of Australian students, conducted as part of the OECD's Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) in 2012.  This assessment represents the first large-scale international study of the financial literacy of 15 year olds, designed to measure their knowledge of personal finances and ability to apply it to financial problems.

Financing the Future: PISA 2012 Financial Literacy Assessment

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