What is the National Financial Literacy Strategy?

The National Financial Literacy Strategy is led by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). It provides a practical framework for action to guide and encourage all those with a role to play in improving financial literacy for Australians.

Improving financial literacy is a long-term behavioural change initiative. It requires a multi-faceted approach and sustained action over time to bring about gradual improvement. To find out more, see Strategy 2014.

Hot topics

Financial Attitudes and Behaviour Tracker

New research tracking attitudes and behaviours

What's new

  • Release of second Attitudes and Behaviour Tracker

    ASIC has released the findings of the second wave of the Australian Financial Attitudes and Behaviour Tracker. This research explores some key financial attitudes and behaviours of Australians over the six months to February 2015. See Australian Financial Attitudes and Behaviour Tracker.

  • Financial Literacy Australia Awards

    Entries are invited for the 2015 Financial Literacy Australia Awards. These awards celebrate the achievements of organisations and individuals working to improve Australians' financial literacy. To find out more, see

  • Release of the fifth ANZ Survey

    ANZ has released the findings of the fifth Survey of Adult Financial Literacy in Australia. In this long-running time series survey of 3,400 Australians, ANZ looks at financial attitudes, knowledge and behaviours to find out how these have changed over time. See Australian research.

  • Stocktake of Indigenous-specific resources

    ASIC's Indigenous Outreach Program has undertaken a limited stocktake of financial literacy resources aimed at Indigenous consumers. It has released a summary of this work, to assist other agencies working to further Indigenous financial literacy goals. See Australian research.

  • Evaluation tools and guidelines

    Building good practice in evaluation of financial literacy initiatives is a priority of the 2014 Strategy. See evaluation for some useful tools and good practice guides. See Australian research for recent research and evaluation undertaken in Australia.