Why financial literacy matters

Financial literacy is about understanding money and finances and being able to confidently apply that knowledge to make effective decisions.

The National Financial Literacy Strategy was developed in 2011 to provide a national direction for this priority area.

ASIC is leading a review of the Strategy in 2013, identifying key issues and priorities to be considered in shaping a refreshed Strategy for 2014-17:

  • A National Financial Literacy Forum was held on 30 April - see the outcomes of the Forum
  • A consultation process was conducted from April to August - see the consultation findings
  • A National Financial Literacy Stocktake Survey was undertaken from May to August - see the survey findings
The 2014-17 Strategy, due to be released in early 2014, will be published on this website.

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A national initiative set up by members of the Australian Government Financial Literacy Board in 2012

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