What is the National Financial Literacy Strategy?

The National Financial Literacy Strategy is led by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). It provides a practical framework for action to guide and encourage all those with a role to play in improving financial literacy for Australians.

Improving financial literacy is a long-term behavioural change initiative. It requires a multi-faceted approach and sustained action over time to bring about gradual improvement. To find out more, see Strategy 2014.

What's new

  • Australian Financial Attitudes and Behaviour Tracker

    The findings of the first wave of ASIC's Australian Financial Attitudes and Behaviour Tracker identify a range of factors associated with particular financial attitudes and behaviours, including life stage, gender, household composition, retirement and income. Read ASIC's media release about the Tracker.

  • New Strategy is launched

    We have launched the National Financial Literacy Strategy 2014-17 and Action plan. Read ASIC's media release about the Strategy.

  • ABA Broadening Financial Understanding Conference

    Find out what the Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer, Steven Ciobo, and ASIC Chairman, Greg Medcraft, said at the Australian Bankers' Association conference in Sydney in September.

  • Evaluation tools and guidelines

    Building good practice in evaluation of financial literacy initiatives is a priority of the 2014 Strategy. See our new evaluation page for some useful information, tools and good practice guides.

  • Australian students score well in PISA financial literacy test but more to be done

    An international study of 29,000 students from 18 countries found that our students scored significantly higher than the OECD average but there is still work to be done. Read ASIC's media release about the PISA financial literacy test.

  • Evaluation of Helping Our Kids Understand Finances

    Read the independent evaluation by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) of ASIC's implementation of the Helping Our Kids Understand Finances initiative (now known as MoneySmart Teaching).