What is the National Financial Literacy Strategy?

The National Financial Literacy Strategy is led by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). It provides a practical framework for action to guide and encourage all those with a role to play in improving financial literacy for Australians.

Improving financial literacy is a long-term behavioural change initiative. It requires a multi-faceted approach and sustained action over time to bring about gradual improvement. To find out more, see Financial Literacy Strategy.

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Financial Attitudes and Behaviour Tracker

New research tracking attitudes and behaviours

What's new

  • Financial Literacy Australia 2016 grants program open

    The 2016 round of the Financial Literacy Australia grants program is now open, with up to $1.5 million in funding available for projects that advance financial literacy. For more information, see

  • IOSCO Committee on Retail Investors

    ASIC hosted a meeting of the IOSCO Committee on Retail Investors (C8) in Sydney on 24-25 February to share progress being made in the area of retail investor education, financial literacy and investor protection. See IOSCO C8 meeting 2016.

  • Release of third Attitudes and Behaviour Tracker

    ASIC has released the findings of the third wave of the Australian Financial Attitudes and Behaviour Tracker. This research explores some key financial attitudes and behaviours of Australians over the six months from March to August 2015. See Australian Financial Attitudes and Behaviour Tracker.

  • National Financial Literacy Strategy Annual Highlights Report for 2014-15

    ASIC has released the National Financial Literacy Strategy Annual Highlights Report 2014-15. The report showcases some of the activities and achievements by ASIC and National Strategy supporters during the past financial year. See Strategy 2014.

  • National Financial Literacy Stakeholder Forum 2015, Theme: Innovation

    ASIC hosted a National Financial Literacy Stakeholder Forum in Sydney on 19 November. With a theme of 'Innovation', the Forum showcased innovative approaches and initiatives being delivered under the Strategy, and celebrated achievements to date. See Forum 2015.

  • Release of OECD/INFE Policy Handbook

    The OECD has released the OECD/INFE Policy Handbook on National Strategies for Financial Education. The handbook describes the experiences of the 59 economies worldwide that are implementing national strategies using guidance from OECD/INFE financial education principles. See International research.

  • Release of UK Financial Capability Strategy

    The UK Financial Capability Board and The Money Advice Service have released a 10-year Financial Capability Strategy for the UK, aiming to improve people's ability to manage money well day-to-day, prepare for and manage life events, and deal with financial difficulties. See International research.